We at Stipo Electricals provide a range of services from breakdown response to preventive maintenance specializing in fault finding and repairs in all electrical and communication fields. Other services we provide include maintaining emergency lighting, external lighting and general office and warehouse lighting, commercial and industrial installations, test tagging and RCD testing 

With over 40 years of experience, Stipo Electricals has created long lasting relationships with our customers. We are successful at delivering both service and reliability to our customers safely. We do this by training up a dedicated team of tradesmen who care for the customer’s needs. This kind of service constantly strengthens our relationships with our customers and compels clients to repeat further business. We have served most of our current clients for over 10 years 

Our management system is tailored to our customers’ needs. That’s how we provide our “Small business feel” with a large business reliability and service. For each service call in our system there is a specific tradesman and contact who is assigned the works, that way you deal with a small group of professionals who become familiar to the customer and site’s requirements. This means we are constantly improving efficiency, workmanship and value as well as building long lasting relationships with our customers. 

All employees are trained in all relevant tasks and standards to allow them to excel in their roles. Coupled with the best procedures and equipment our skilled staff ensure all our operations are completed to the highest safety, quality and environmental standards. 


Stipo Electricals is committed to maintaining a safe working environment for our employees, sub-contractors and our customers as well as the public by strictly following WHS legislation. We do this by ensuring all relevant staff are trained in their perspective fields beyond the knowledge that is require for a safe working environment.

Some of the current measures we have in place include:

  • Employee site inductions
  • Site specific inductions
  • Toolbox meetings
  • Integrating WHS management into our projects
  • Involving our employees in the decision-making stage by using communication, consultation and training
  • Constantly monitoring and reviewing risk controls to ensure they remain effective
  • Ensuring employees comply with their legislated WHS responsibilities
  • Ensuring our employee training and qualification is kept up to date
  • Creating proactive health and safety management strategies